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Book Rec: The Rowan Harbor Cycle by Sam Burns

Last updated on March 22, 2020

I’m changing book reviews to book recommendations. It’s more accurate. I’m probably never going to come here to trash a book. If it’s on my blog, it’s probably here because I loved it and think you should read it.

So let’s talk about The Rowan Harbor Cycle.

I don’t see a synopsis for the whole series, so here’s the blurb for book one, Blackbird in the Reeds:

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Not this redhead.

Devon Murphy has never believed that there were fairies at the bottom of the garden, but when he’s in an accident on his way to his grandmother’s house and comes face to face with the biggest, baddest wolf he’s ever seen, he’s forced to reconsider.

When his grandmother asks him to look into a string of suspicious accidents, he finds a much bigger mystery to unravel. From his childhood best friend to the too-attractive Deputy Wade Hunter, everyone in Rowan Harbor seems to have something to hide. Devon has to get to the bottom of it all before the accidents turn deadly.

The series as a whole is an epic urban fantasy/paranormal romance/mystery told from three points of view (five if you count the two short spin-offs). There are fae, shifters, dyrads, witches, unicorns, sirens, and a talking squirrel.

All of the main books and one of the short spin-offs are set in Rowan Harbor. This means it has a sort of small town cozy mystery feel, but there are all these magical people running around town trying to figure out who’s causing all these new problems.

The overarching mystery plot runs the course of the whole series, but each book has its own subplot.

I loved these books. The relationships, the magic, the universe, everything. They’re original, well-written, and lovely. As an added bonus, the series is now complete.

I highly recommend reading in order and reading the two spin-offs. They’re in Kindle Unlimited or available for purchase. Here are your links:

Series page on Amazon US

Sam Burns’ website

Sam Burns on Goodreads

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