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Book Rec: Frost and Raine by K. L. Noone

Hello. Long time no post. But I suppose if you’re here, you’re probably used to that by now.

I just finished this book and it was wonderful and perfect and I wanted to tell you about it. But I’m very tired today, so I’m basically going to just squee, wave my hands around incomprehensibly, throw the book at you, and wander off. Kay? Kay.

A Frost spirit who runs a coffee shop. A Cupid who works as a divorce lawyer. And magic in the air …

Raine’s never been a conventional Cupid. He likes organization, his job as a successful lawyer, and black coffee, and he dislikes messiness, physical and emotional. He tries hard not to use his powers, because he’d rather not manipulate anyone’s desires, and he’s not planning to fall in love himself — and he wouldn’t trust it if someone fell in love with him. But the owner of Raine’s favorite coffee shop is endlessly patient, kind even in the face of sarcasm, and an artist with flavors and window decorations … and he might challenge Raine’s resolutions about love.

Don enjoys his life. Even though he’s a Frost, he finds comfort in giving people warmth: good coffee, a cozy refuge from the rain, holiday decorations, and overall cheer. But one gorgeous Cupid seems immune to Don’s cheerfulness — and he keeps coming back, day after day. Fortunately, Don’s always liked a challenge, and now he’s determined to make Raine smile at least once … and he’s discovering that Raine’s sarcasm hides a generous and lonely heart, keeping the world at bay.

And if Don and Raine can learn to trust each other — with new coffee flavors, with their hopes for the future, and with their hearts — the Frost and the Cupid just might find their own magical happy ending.

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  1. geneva14_wp geneva14_wp

    You just grouped me in with two of my favorite authors. I’m very flattered and so thrilled to be in your comfort author group. Apparently I’ll need to try Nell Iris. I’ve never heard of them.

  2. Sylvia Sylvia

    I love K.L. Noone’s books. I think of her in the same category as you, Nell Iris, and A.J. Sherwood: my comfort authors. I can rely on all of you to write books that make me happy, without unnecessary drama or annoying miscommunications.

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