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Snippet of Jane

Moon has spoken! (Thank you, Moon.)

You get a teeny tiny teaser of Jane (next book’s main character), from early in the book.

I’ll give you more as we get closer to the release date (November). But for now, here you go:

I sighed and continued down the stairs. I didn’t really want to develop a crush. I was busy. I was always busy. And Sara and Martin were leaving, which meant some changes around the house. Not to mention I didn’t even know how long Livy would want to hang around. This was not a convenient time to develop feelings; and Livy was not a convenient person to develop them for.

Unfortunately, there was a reason that Jessa had waylaid me in the hallway last night and that reason was probably related to the sappy little smile still currently on my face after talking to Livy for less than five minutes.

I was so screwed.

No. I still do not have a title. Why do you ask? *bangs head on desk*

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  1. Moon Moon

    That was so nice! Thank you! I‘m already excited about the book. And all your other WIP. I love your books so much! ❤️

    • geneva14_wp geneva14_wp

      I’m excited you’re excited! Thank you!

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