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Books and Book Updates

Currently Available

So We Meet-Cute Again

Granola Bars and Spaceships (Iska Universe Book 1)


Guardian Angels

Roommates and Space Trees (Iska Universe Book 2)

Coming Soon

November: Working title Jane and Olivia – Post-apocalyptic FF

December: The Mistletoe Problem-Paranormal MM romance, holiday short

In Progress

Paranormal mm romance featuring witches and shapeshifters

A light-hearted who-dun-it MM romance about a private detective and a cursed client


Iska Universe book 3(?) focusing on Samantha

A sequel to Evergreen focusing on Ashley. This will be FF.

A high fantasy romp about a prince and his fated, shapeshifting bodyguard/mate. MM.

A fantasy MM focusing on a seer.

Contemporary romance focusing on a demisexual character

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