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Do you remember that holiday short I mentioned?

Do you remember that way back before Loving Olivia finally had a release date and a title, I mentioned a holiday short story?

Well ta da! Here’s your first peek.

cover image for The Mistletoe Problem

Noah’s winter holiday seasons tend to be busy but uneventful. Most of his time is spent running his mildly magical gift shop and trying not to obsess over Robin, his much too appealing seasonal employee. When Robin bursts into the back room of the shop to tell him that something is wrong with the mistletoe, Noah realizes this year is going to be a bit more interesting. But it’s fine. All he has to do is retrieve all the spelled mistletoe before it causes kiss-filled chaos all over town while keeping his hands—and lips—off Robin. Simple, right? No problem at all.

It’s a silly little holiday rom-com. It’ll probably be just under 14,000 words when my editor and I are done with it. It’ll be $0.99 USD or in KU. You can pre-order it now; it will be out December 7th.

I’m going to put the usual links below. Happy holidays, lovely readers. Stay safe.

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