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Loving Olivia will be leaving Kindle Unlimited

Last updated on May 31, 2024

Loving Olivia isn’t getting much attention on Amazon. I’m not hugely surprised by this. It was not entirely unexpected.

It does mean, however, that I’m going to release this particular book wide, which means it has to leave Kindle Unlimited.

You have until August 5th, 2021 to add Loving Olivia to your Kindle Unlimited library. After that, you can still read it if you have it borrowed, but you can no longer check it out. It will still be available for purchase for $2.99USD. The paperback will also remain available on Amazon.

After August 5th, I’ll be making the eBook available at other vendors as quickly as possible and I’ll update you with links and whatnot in August.

In the meantime, here’s the info on Loving Olivia if you want to give the ladies a read. Or you can check out the book page here.

cover image for Loving Olivia

Jane always thought she’d live a fairly ordinary life. Then the world broke and changed everything.

Jane never expected to be the one running the local unofficial orphanage. But while it wasn’t what she had planned, she wouldn’t trade it for anything. She loves her kids and the life they’ve all built. She’s happy just trying to stay under the radar while keeping them all fed and out of the clutches of the local militia.

Things are going well until her kids surprise her with an unconscious woman on the kitchen table, not even an hour after the militia was in the front yard looking for the same woman. Jane has no issue hiding someone from the militia as long as they aren’t an actual criminal, so together the household nurses Livy back to health. It doesn’t take long for Livy’s bright smile to start chipping away at Jane’s short but sturdy walls. Can Jane let down her guard enough for Livy to slip through? And what will Livy do if she does?

She wasn’t ready for her world to change again…but love has a mind of its own.

Loving Olivia is a 35,000 word sweet romance set in a post-apocalyptic near/alternative future.

I know that blurb makes it sound a little heavy, but Livy and Jane are the same low heat, low angst, cozy fluff as all my other books. Livy is just a mischievous ball of sunshine trying to woo her slightly too serious storm cloud.

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