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I’ve been reading multiple books at one time for longer than I can remember. When I was younger, I know I used to read one book at a time. I read them voraciously, but it was one at a time until some time in high school or college.

Now it’s rare for me to be in the middle of less than two or three, though I usually focus more on one than the others. Then the others are read in between the ones that capture my interest more thoroughly.

The same is true of my cross-stitch projects. I have a small stack waiting to be framed that proves I finish things, but I’m definitely a chronic starter. I start new things or rotate through already started projects as my mood changes or when I want to look at different colors.

It should therefor not surprise me that my writing follows a similar pattern.

I have a Google Drive folder filled with bits and pieces of books and character profiles and half-arsed outlines. Some of them are the results of publisher prompts for collection calls. Some of them are were created at 2AM when I couldn’t sleep. Most of them I plan to do something with.

My goal was to get the sequel to Granola Bars and Spaceships done next…

But then I hijacked my husband’s old work laptop. And since I have a computer of my own now, I decided to organize and move things around a bit. I moved some of the more cohesive works in progress to the laptop so I they’re easier to get to and I’d remember they exist.

This was a mistake.

Because I opened a story I had previously started about a man that gets cursed into being a genie and the poor private detective he recruits to fix it. And now my brain has all kinds of ideas about that, and doesn’t want to focus on poor William even a little.

So while I promise that I am still working on a second novel in the Iska universe, I’ll also be running around with those other guys. And eventually I’ll have to deal with edits for So We Meet-Cute Again.


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