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New Facebook Reader Group

Well, I finally did the thing. I made a Facebook group.

I named it Geneva Vand’s Bookwyrms. Here it is:

For those less geeky than me, a wyrm is a type of dragon, so I’m basically calling my members book dragons and also making a cheesy pun on bookworms.

If people hate it I can change it.

Fair warning that I am weird and introverted and often awkward. You’ll probably see lots of pictures of my cats, but I will also post book things like teasers and cover reveals. And hopefully it will be a safe place for you all to talk about books or whatever else you want.

Eventually I’ll have someone make me a cool group banner image, but for the foreseeable future we’re stuck with the image I made in the WordSwag app on my phone. It’s not bad, but I’d rather have a dragon, so that’ll happen eventually.

It will probably be a pretty small group for a while, but I hope you’ll come hang out anyway.

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