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So We Meet-Cute Again is Out!

I’m a little late with this post, so you probably already know that.

But if you’ve missed it, here’s the cover and blurb.

Everywhere Aiden goes, he sees the same handsome stranger—and promptly makes a klutzy, ridiculous fool of himself. Over and over again, their crossing paths spell humiliating doom for poor Aiden.

Jason is intrigued by the lanky brunet he keeps chancing upon, and the more he learns the more he wants to properly meet the guy. When they do finally meet, groceries—and hearts—go flying, but can they turn their never-ending meet-cute into something real?

So We Meet-Cute Again is cheesy and fun. People are liking it so far. If you want to check it out, click here for the ebook or here for the paperback.

Guardian Angels is up for pre-order. Click here for that.

The sequel to Granola Bars is well on it’s way, and I’m planning to release that in March or April. You may get something in between there. We’ll see. I write slow. Sorry?

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