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Teaser from Loving Olivia

Loving Olivia is a week away!

As a distraction from today (it’s election day in the US and things are…tense) I’ll give you a teaser.

(I really need to start a Facebook group where I can drop short things like this. It’s on my to-do list.)

I stepped back into the room, closing the door on Jessa's quiet laughter.
"I take it the teasing has started?" Livy asked sleepily.
I snorted and draped her robe back over the footboard. "Started? Where have you been?" I slipped back into bed and she curled into my side, warm and soft.
"Hmm. Sorry."
"It's worth it. Probably. But I expect you to defend my honor."
"I'm not sure if I'm allowed to defend your honor if I'm the one sullying it."
"Fine. I expect you to help me make lunch then."
"Deal. What time is it?"

Read the full excerpt and find other info on the book page.

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