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The Noodles and Cheese Problem

Me: *plugging away at edits, no huge problems*

The manuscript:

I laughed. “I don’t have any more. You’ll have to settle for noodles and cheese.”

“Thanks for cooking.” He scooped some of the noodles and cheese out of the bowl on the table. “This looks good. What is it?”

“Only noodles and cheese. It’s not fancy.” I shrugged. “My cooking is fairly basic.”

Me: Oh no. Okay. I can change one noodles and cheese to pasta…Shit. I have to change one more…I have no idea. *walks into living room* I have a noodles and cheese problem.

Husband: What?

Me: I have a noodles and cheese problem. Come help.

Husband: Okay…

Me: *Points* How do I fix it?

Husband: …Can’t you just say he scooped some food out of the bowl?

Me: …oh…um…yes, that works.


Me: Thank you?

Husband: Uh-huh…*leaves, still totally confused*

A day in the life of a writer. We’re, um, smart and stuff. *facepalm*

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