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Last updated on September 12, 2019

Less Than Three Press, the publisher I’ve been working with for the last few years, is closing.

If you would like to read their goodbye announcement, it’s currently on their homepage. Click this paragraph to get there.

I appreciate how gracefully they’re handling their decision to close. But it still stinks. I’m going to miss working with them. I learned a lot while I was under their roof. I also got to work with Megan Derr, which I will admit brought on a moment or two of fangirl squees.

So what now?

The most immediate thing: Once LT3P removes Granola Bars and Spaceships and Evergreen from their store and third party distributors both books will be temporarily out of print/unavailable. This will happen by July 31st.

The big decision: I am 97% sure that I will be choosing to move into self-publishing. As it stands, I am looking at distributing through Smashwords and Amazon. I am leaning away from participating in Kindle Unlimited. Sorry. I may work with a traditional publisher again in the future, but that will probably be a ways out.

Timelines: I hope to have Granola Bars and Evergreen back in circulation sometime in the next few months. I have some family stuff in August, and I have to work out promotions and release dates.

New book soon!: So We Meet-Cute Again had made it almost to publication with LT3P. I’m waiting on a couple last-minute things from them, then it will need a little love before it’s ready to face the world. I am confident that it will be out before the end of the year. Probably much sooner, depending on my budget. This self-publishing thing can be expensive.

Other business: I’m currently unsure what Guardian Angels will be up to in the long term. Dreamspinner Press currently has the rights, but they may be reverting back to me soon. If that happens, I will re-release that as well.

Works in Progress: Between some health stuff and the LT3P news I needed a brain reboot. That happened in the form of a weird little witches and shapeshifters new start. Other stuff is still in progress, but my brain is tired. Since it wants to write this, and writing something is better than writing nothing, I’ll guess I’ll write this. The Granola Bars sequel is still well on its way. Don’t worry.

TLDR: My publisher is closing and I am sad. You have a little while to access your library on their website and make any last-minute purchases. I’m going to move towards self-publishing. I will re-release the old stuff and a new book should be coming out soon.

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