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Photos of Winter and Cats

There are several things I miss about Maine. Like the stray cats that hung out on my porch and the ease of getting to the good craft store.

There are many things I do not miss about living in Maine. Like the snow. See example below.

I couldn’t find the post blizzard photos. I must have deleted them, silly past me. But I assure you it got much worse than that.

There was one year after a blizzard, I think in March, that our two lane road could barely fit one car because of how much snow there was.

Below, please fine pretty pictures of one of the snowiest days since we moved to Chicago.

I believe that was just around Halloween. We had an inch or two on the ground by the end of it, and it was gone within three days. I’ll take it.

The cats also approve of the new place. Floyd now spends winter being all cute like this, instead of curled into a cold ball or camped in front of the space heater.

Here is one last picture; here are our two main stray furbabies that couldn’t (and probably didn’t want) to come with us. I miss them so.

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