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Book Rec: All Tied Up by Reese Morrison

cover image of All Tied Up by Reese Morrison

Neil knows he’s not the kind of boy that Daddies want.
He’s too old, too plain, and too… boring. So when his best friend sets him up for a kinky singles weekend in the Oregon mountains, all he’s expecting are scenic views.

What he’s not expecting is Jamie, the beautiful, bratty boy who co-owns the lodge and flirts with Neil like he’s something special. Or Jamie’s sexy Daddy, Sebastian, who invites him to be their boy for the weekend.

Neil knows that even after he says yes, he’ll only be one more temporary playmate for the younger couple. But it’s difficult to remember when the lodge is in trouble and Neil knows that he can help. If only they can trust him enough to let him in.

All Tied Up features an older man who doesn’t think he’ll ever be anyone’s boy, a flirty, genderflexible brat who doesn’t dare to hope for another boy to like him, and the brat’s Daddy who’s afraid to let anyone else get close… but will do anything to give his boy what he really needs. It also has adorable nicknames, exhibitionism, impact play, and an HEA.


All Tied Up is a lovely, sweet MMM romance. It reminded me a lot of Three’s Company by N.R. Walker. But with kink. This isn’t the first Reese Morrison book I’ve loved, so I suspect they’re going into my regular author rotation.

I loved the character dynamics. Neil is so sweet you just want to wrap him up in a blanket and hug him. Jamie is fun and bright and brings balance to the more stoic Sebastian.

The book as a whole is sweet and cuddly. There’s a little angst between the characters, but not so much that it isn’t a light read. The hotel owners fall for guest trope is fun. And you’ve also got a dash of the “But I don’t live here. What do I do?” trope. And the tense lawyer meets laid back lover. It’s all fun.

All Tied Up is part of a multi-author series called Destination Daddies. The premise of the series is that users of a kinky dating app are signing up for singles meet-ups all over the country. (If you read any of the Naughty or Nice books at Christmastime, you’ll recognize it.) The individual books are all stand alone stories, so you don’t have to read the others to read this one. (Book four is Chloe Gray, though. Just saying.)

All Tied Up is Daddy kink, but not ABDL. Neither of the subs in this one are Littles. There is a Daddy/Little pairing that shows up in the other hotel guests, but there isn’t a ton of detail about them in this one. They do have their own book coming later, though.

The only other content note I really have for you on this one is that Sebastian and Jamie have a committed but open relationship. I enjoyed the inclusion of a polyamorous relationship, but I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

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