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Order Signed Paperbacks!

I am opening up a form for you to order signed paperbacks. You are able to order from now until November 1st. Simply give me your email and zip code then choose quantities from the dropdown lists for the books you want to order. For books you don’t want to order, leave the dropdown on “choose”.

Click here to go to the order form.

After you submit the form, I will send you a PayPal invoice for your books plus shipping. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IS CORRECT. I will ship to the address you give PayPal when you pay.

You’re welcome to place multiple orders. If you have two orders going to the same address and would like me to combine your shipping please email me ( or otherwise contact me. If you don’t email me, I may not catch it or I will assume you want them in multiple packages for whatever reason.

After the form closes, I order your books. After I get them, I sign them and ship them to you. My goal is to have all your packages in the mail well before the holidays, but we are all at the mercy of the Amazon print on demand spirits.

I don’t have fun swag stuff to offer you this time, just books. Book prices are the same as Amazon. I’ll break down potential shipping costs below.

I will only be offering US shipping at this time. Prices for international shipping from the US are still exorbitant, international shipping is still inconsistent, and I’m not even going touch the licensing requirements for shipping goods to the UK and EU.


For the purposes of shipping, Loving Olivia and So We Meet-Cute Again are each half a book . So two $6.99 books ship in the same space as one of the longer books.

One book: $4.50

Two (or 2.5) books: $8.00 in a small flat rate box

Three to four books: $8.00 in a flat rate bubble mailer

More than four books: varies by zipcode. A medium flat rate box will hold around 18 books and would cost $14.00. I’ll do my best to figure out the cheapest shipping possible.

I can, just barely, fit one copy of every paperback I have available into a flat rate bubble mailer. Granola Bars, Space Trees, and Meet-Cute (or any equivalent combination) fit very nicely into a small flat rate box.

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