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Book Rec: Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Okay, technically this is a webcomic recommendation, but it does exist in physical book form.

Heartstopper is a YA webcomic about a pair of young men falling for each other and navigating through their relationship.

It’s completely adorable. I devoured everything currently available on Tapas in less than 24 hours and I’m considering backing her Patreon. I laughed out loud enough times to get funny looks from the husband. It made me cry. (But only a little. It really is mostly happy.) I loved it and I can’t wait for more updates.

It does cover some serious topics. Homophobia, eating disorders, and depression are discussed. It’s heavy but I’m thrilled to see these topics presented in a realistic, positive, healthy way.

If you want only the light, fluffy bits, you probably want to stop before the Paris trip, but that still gives you a few chapters of boy-meets-boy cuteness. Oseman is awesome about putting generalized sensitive content warnings right up at the top of the page, then you can pop down to the bottom of the page if you wish for the specifics of that content before you read. (Or at least, that’s how it was on Tapas, which was where I was reading.)

If you want more of the secondary characters, Oseman has a couple books related to the webcomic. If you’re reading through on Tapas, she mentions them and tells you where they fall in the storyline. There’s also a reading order on her website.

Here is the link to the page on Oseman’s website with the information on the comic, including where to read it. From the website you can also access info on her books and other work.

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