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Roommates and Space Trees is Available in Paperback

Last updated on May 31, 2024

The post title pretty much says it all. You can now get book two of the Iska Universe in paperback.

And it is very pretty. I asked Natasha of Natasha Snow Designs to do a full paperback wrap for us, and all that teal and purple is very satisfactory in Amazon’s smooth matte finish. At least, it is if you’re obsessed with purple and also love teal.

hand holding papberback book with cat in background
Hi Miley.

You can obtain your very own copy for $10.99 USD. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than Granola Bars because it’s longer.

I hope to eventually someday have Natasha recover Granola Bars and Spaceships so that the Iska Universe matches, but that will have to be *checks budget* um, later.

I’ll drop the cover and blurb for Roommates and Space Trees below for those who aren’t familiar. But first! Buy links! In no particular order:

Amazon US I Amazon DE I Amazon CA I Amazon UK I Amazon AU

Cover image for Roommates and Space Trees by Geneva Vand

Several years ago, Will’s best friend ran away with an alien to live happily ever after. They’ve kept in touch, but Will misses the man that might as well be his brother. So, he decides he’s going to go visit. Who cares if visiting requires a trip to outer space? No big deal, right?

Ticheck met Will for the first time while trying to find a friend who had gotten lost. Since then, they’ve seen him a couple times a year at most. Ticheck wasn’t expecting him to be coming for a surprise visit, and they definitely weren’t expecting to end up with him as a temporary roommate when cramped quarters on the ship force them to share. From strangers, to surprise roommates, to friends…and maybe something else? But do they dare to dream of a life together when they literally come from two different worlds?

Roommates and Space Trees is a sweet asexual romance. It is book two in the Iska Universe series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but reading Granola Bars and Spaceships first will give you a better introduction to the universe.

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