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Book Rec: How to (Not) Train a Firecat by R. Cooper

Hello lovely people. Is anyone else tired? I’m tired. And a whole lot of other things.

Black lives matter. Wear a mask when you’re in public. If you can, donate to an organization that does things that are important to you.

And don’t forget to let your poor brain rest and breathe. Maybe read a book. Like this one.

Author’s blurb:

The firecats of Dua are giant beasts with red-gold fur and lashing tails. They are also loving and loyal companions to the few they choose to serve. Every member of the royal House of Durii has a personal guard and a firecat to serve as a reminder of the greatness of their rule. After all, only the truly extraordinary would walk alongside a firecat. Only the truly extraordinary could.

Not River, obviously. River took the job of cleaning up after the noble beasts when he came to Dua years ago. He’s not any kind of soldier or guard, and he’s too mouthy to belong around royalty. All he wants to do is avoid some of the more resentful guard trainees, care for the very spoiled cats, and try not to get his heart broken by one maddeningly gentle apprentice wizard.

Apprentice Gavin is powerful, brilliant, and probably noble. He’s destined for greatness—and more than likely a guard and a firecat to protect him. He’s not meant for one insignificant little beastminder like River.

But firecats are not the only creatures who are fierce, loyal, and beautiful to behold. River is about to learn that the firecats and the guards who walk with them have more in common than he thought. And he will have to accept that he might be extraordinary as Gavin thinks he is.

You’ll probably figure out my favorite authors pretty quickly. Yes, R. Cooper is one of them. And this is one of my favorite R. Cooper titles. It’s one of my chronic re-reads.

It’s cute. It’s got an underdog with brains and guts who gets his dreams and an oblivious academic who is too dear for words. There’s magic, though it’s not a huge focus, and a surprising amount of world-building considering its length. There’s a secondary romance tucked away in there that will make you go “aww” even as you facepalm. Also, there are giant cats who keep humans as pets. Basically. I mean, not really, but basically.

You can find it various places for $1.99 USD. It’s not on Kindle Unlimited but I think it’s worth your two bucks. Your mileage may vary, of course, so read the sample. Links below.

Amazon US I Amazon UK I Amazon DE I Smashwords

Find it on Goodreads

R. Cooper’s website

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