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Book Rec: Mack’s Perfectly Ghastly Homecoming by AJ Sherwood

I considered making a post to just tell you to go read every single AJ Sherwood book, but I thought it might be prudent to pick one.

Mack’s Perfectly Ghastly Homecoming is my favorite (but only by a smidge) so far, so that’s the one I’ll highlight. But really, just read them all.

Author blurb:

Mack’s over the moon to not only have Brandon but to finally be done with all their training. With the official FBI stamp of approval, they are ready to start ghost busting.
The very last place he wants to be sent to is his hometown of Opelousas, Louisiana, however. But a child is being terrorized, and when he discovers it’s his favorite cousin, all reluctance is forgotten.
His cousin’s ghost problem is not their only case, though. The nearby university also has a malevolent ghost that is seriously escalating. Students are being scratched, pushed down the stairs, and generally terrified. Even with Brandon’s unwavering support, this might be a bit much for just two people to handle. And when the ghost proves it can break all the windows in a three-story building? Mack knows they definitely won’t be able to do it alone.
It’s shaping up to be a perfectly ghastly homecoming.

This book was a lot of fun. It had family drama, a bit of the “hero goes back to his small hometown” trope, great side characters, and two really interesting ghost stories. Oh, and the romance between Mack and Brandon, of course. So cute.

There are also more than a few funny moments. Like people getting launched into the air by their partners so they can try to catch the ghost.

The world is well built and has a fair amount of depth, even if you haven’t read previous books. If you have read some of the others, this one feels cozy and comfortable, like your favorite sweater. You also get a couple cameos from characters from the original series.

This might not be the perfect place to step into this universe, but starting here won’t scare you off, either. This is technically book two in the series, but you could read it as a stand alone. Book one is Mack’s Very Merry Haunted Christmas.

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