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With everything going on, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. As an apology, how about a snippet from Roommates and Space Trees?

(If you haven’t read Granola Bars and Spaceships: Eet and ta are pronouns from Iska language. Veeka are similar to feathers and cover most of an Iska’s body.)

Will snuggled up behind Ticheck and propped his chin on ta shoulder. He looked down, watching Ticheck’s long-fingered hands scrub the lunch dishes. The veeka on ta hands were soaked and clinging to ta skin. “Isn’t that annoying?” he asked.


“Getting your veeka all wet when you do dishes.”

Ticheck laughed softly. “A little. It can feel odd, but the veeka on our hands are so fine that they dry very quickly.” Eet set the last dish in the drying rack and put ta hands under the water, scrubbing thoroughly and brushing at the veeka until they all laid the right way.

Will reached out and ran his fingers over the back of Ticheck’s hand from wrist to knuckles. “So soft,” he murmured.

Ticheck shut off the water and turned, tilting ta head. “You always think I’m soft.”

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