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Evergreen Now Available

When Gabriel’s sister, Ashley, falls ill, he is sent to the forest wise one for help. But instead of the frightening dragon he expects, he is faced with a shape-shifting, magical creature named Kym who is both kind and beautiful.

Kym instructs Gabe to bring Ashley to his canyon hideaway so that he can watch over her properly. As the two care for her, they grow unexpectedly close. But once Ashley is well, Gabriel must leave with her, and Kym cannot leave his forest…

Most of you have probably already read Evergreen, since this is a second edition/re-release.

For those of you that have not: Evergreen is a sweet love story told from the point of view of Gabriel. The story of Gabe and Kym is a slow build from strangers, to friends and allies, to lovers.

There’s a little bit of angst in the form of obstacles to overcome, but there’s not a ton of drama.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, click one of the links I’m about to give you and check it out. You can find it on Amazon, where it is available for purchase or to check out with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Purchase Links!

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