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Last updated on October 9, 2019

Because the publishing world seems to live on Twitter, I made an account. Click here to find it if you want cat pictures, consistent short updates, and tiny story snippets that are really fun to write but have nothing to do with anything but a prompt word.

Here’s what’s going on with the books:

Granola Bars and Spaceships: Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Click here to go to your local Amazon site.

Evergreen: Up for preorder on Amazon, releasing October 7th, 2019. It will be in Kindle Unlimited. Click here for the US link.

Guardian Angels: I’ve retrieved the rights from Dreamspinner. It’s getting a new cover and a little edit. You have until Dreamspinner starts taking it down at the end of September to get the original edition. The second edition will come out before Christmas, I’m thinking the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It will have a pre-order and will go up in Kindle Unlimited.

So We Meet-Cute Again: Currently in limbo. I’ll know more soonish. Probably. I’m still hoping for a November release date.

Current WIPs

Granola Bars sequel: It’s in progress, though I don’t have a timeline for you. But it exists and is tentatively called Roommates and Space Trees. What do you think?

Weird unnamed shifter/witch paranormal romance: 10,000 words in.

Silly detective story about the guy cursed into being a genie: Not as far along. It’s great fun though, and I’m looking forward to tossing it out into the world.

Yes, I multitask. My brain is stupid, and I sometimes have to trick it into working by distracting it. So it will be a while before there’s anything brand new after So We Meet-Cute Again, but then you might get a few close together. Yay?

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