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I’m on Google Play! And a new book coming soon!

Last updated on May 31, 2024

I finally added my books to Google Play. You can find them here!


The clouded leopard book is very close to being done. I’m working on the first round of edits now. I plan to have a preorder up in a few weeks with a release date in September. The title will be Repairing Destiny.

If you want to read the (unedited version of) the prologue, you can find that by clicking here or in the website menu. I’ll probably be taking that down eventually and replacing it with the regular book page excerpt but I’ll leave it up for a few more weeks.

While I have you I’m going to toss in a reminder that you can follow me on Amazon to get release notifications. You can also follow me on Bookbub for release notifications and book recommendations.

Click here for my Amazon author page where you can click the follow button on the top left.

Click here for BookBub. BookBub is fabulous. Not only do they let you get emails when authors you follow have a new release or review books, they let you know when things are on sale.

You can also subscribe to or follow this blog of course. I’ll let you know when the preorder goes up, of course. But I’ll also be giving you a peak at the cover and blurb soon.

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