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My entire backlist is now available outside of Amazon! Links here!

The transition is complete! Mostly. We’re still waiting for Hoopla’s backlog to clear, so only two books are available there so far. But other than that, you can find my ebooks at most major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo (and Kobo Plus), Smashwords, and possibly your local library.

For your convenience, click your favorite book cover below to follow the universal buy link for that book. More information about each book, like excerpts and reviews as well as links, can always be found on each book’s page on the website. Find those pages through the main website menu.

Published inBooksEvergreenGranola Bars and SpaceshipsGuardian AngelsIska UniverseKindle UnlimitedLoving OliviaRoommates and Space TreesSo We Meet-Cute AgainThe Mistletoe ProblemThe Taste of Winter

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