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New Will and Ticheck snippet/ficbit

Last updated on January 11, 2022

A scene between Will and Ticheck popped into my head a while back and demanded to be written. It’s not in Roommates and Space Trees, but probably falls somewhere near the middle of the book.

A note for new (or returning) Iska Universe readers:

The Iska people don’t have a physical/genetic sex and use genderless pronouns. Since many other cultures they encounter don’t have singular genderless pronouns, they mostly teach other races the ones from their own language.

eet: singular, non-possessive pronoun equivalent to she, he, or singular they

ta: singular, possessive pronoun equivalent to his, hers, or singular theirs

Veeka are feather-like and cover most of an Iska person’s body.

Alright. Here’s your tiny scene.

Will shook the container then looked inside just to be sure. It was definitely empty, and he didn’t see another one.

Ticheck was out of kitty litter, and the litter tray was much emptier than he would like.


Eet popped ta head into the bedroom. “Yes?”

“You’re out of kitty litter.”

Ticheck gave him a blank look. “Is that bad?”

“Only if you prefer your two little terrors use the litter box instead of whatever they find convenient.”


Will tried not to laugh at the slightly panicked look on Ticheck’s face. “Can we get more?”

Ticheck frowned so hard eet ruffled the veeka between ta eyes. “Not that kind. At least not until I take you home. I will…have to ask Aeka?”

“That might be a good idea,” Will said.

Ticheck disappeared and Will heard the doors to the suite open. Will laughed. He hadn’t expected Ticheck to race off right that second. It wasn’t that urgent.

Will wondered what Ticheck would come back with. Probably something weird. He scooped up the kitten batting at his foot and went to settle onto the couch to wait.

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  1. Moon Moon

    So sweet! I love Will and Ticheck. ❤️ But now I need to know what Ticheck will come back with for litter.

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