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On Spoons, or the Lack Thereof, and Edits for the Newest Book

My mental energy and my physical energy seem to be coming from the same pool this week. This isn’t always the case. Usually they only overlap a little, with brain fog sneaking in along the sidelines.

Anyway, I’ve got about half the number of spoons that I usually do and it’s annoying. *grumbles at fibro, who’s lurking over there in the corner*

I shall not be going for a walk, because if I go for a walk I would not be typing up a blog post or working on edits. And since LT3P might want me to get the edits done on time…

See how I snuck that in there? Yup, I’ve got edits to do. It’s the first round for So We Meet-Cute Again, and I’m over half-way done. Which means we’re that much closer to getting you the fun stuff. You know, covers and blurbs, and release dates. So keep an eye out for those.

So We Meet-Cute Again is going to be a contemporary romance with a rom-com feel to it. Super cheesy and light hearted. Pretty much no angst to speak of. It will be the first book since Guardian Angels that won’t have any fantasy or science-fiction elements. And, looking at my to-do list, I suspect it will be the last for a while. Though it won’t be the only contemporary romance.

I’ll give you the release dates and buy links when I have them.

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