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Spring has Sprung

Spring and fall are by far my favorite seasons. Possibly because those are the times of year I’m not miserable if I step outside my house or apartment. But they have other things going for them, too.

Like pretty trees.

Our neighborhood is full of trees with bright pink or purple flowers. It’s spectacular.

And the park by the lake is green and gorgeous. Here’s more pictures.

No, we do not live near the ocean. That’s a giant lake. Lake Michigan to be precise. However, since I have lived near the ocean most of my life and we only moved to Chicago last fall, it’s still very weird to be by something that could be an ocean and not have ocean smells. So very weird.

Despite all the pretty things going on outside, I think my favorite part of spring is the squirrels. Young squirrels are a riot. Their tails aren’t grown in yet and they’re total dorks. I love squirrels in general, but young ones are fun.

What are your favorite spring things?

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  1. jwhite jwhite

    Thank you for sharing your favorite things. The trees look like a magical place. I hope the upcoming Lake Michigan flooding finds you tucked away safe. Maybe you’ll find a beached mer person afterwards. I love swallows in the spring. All types. They can be fascinating as squirrels, but with a different entertainment level.

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