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Pre-order and Proofreading

Don’t forget Granola Bars and Spaceships is up for pre-order on Amazon! Here’s your buy/Kindle Unlimited link for the US Amazon site. It releases September 2nd.

Story blurb for good measure:

In the middle of a training trip, Keeska’s shuttle navigation fails and strands Keeska on Earth—alone, no way to contact home, and with no chance of help from the locals…until one does.

When Eric starts leaving food in front of an abandoned storefront in the crappy strip mall by his house, he thought he was helping a dog or a homeless kid. He gets the shock of his life when he discovers an alien instead. Not sure what else to do, especially with the alien bleeding and in shock, Eric realizes he’s about to have an unusual houseguest.

But as Keeska’s health improves, they both forget that Keeska should probably be finding a way home. As they grow increasingly close, they are forced to figure out the answers to questions they never thought would have to be asked…

I’m a little embarrassed at the number of little things proofreading missed. I also found several errors in pronouns referring to the Iska (alien) characters. Those are (hopefully) all fixed in this edition.

I tentatively have the release date of Evergreen set for October 7th. The pre-order for that will be up soon.

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