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Indie nail polish is a thing. It bears mostly a surface resemblance to mainstream polish. There are some boutique brands that straddle between the two, but for the most part it’s its own universe.

Indie polish is generally mixed and bottled by hand. Most brands are a one-person operation, with help from family/friends, online moderators, and swatchers. It has fewer chemicals and is cruelty free.

The colors are amazing and there are types of polish that aren’t really seen in stores with any frequency. Thermals, holos, neons, magnetics, mutichromes, flakies… And some makers create custom polishes. Heather’s Hues, who happens to make my favorite lotion and hand products, is one of those makers.

So being an indie polish addict, and slightly geeky, I asked her to make customs based on my book covers.

Best decision ever. I wound up with three gorgeous jewel-toned bottles. Here. Have some photos of the sparkly goodness.

Guardian Angels is magnetic, so it looks like the curtains in the cover background. Evergreen matches Kym’s colors so well that I almost changed my mind on the name. Granola Bars has a sparkly, galaxy look, which I love because Granola Bars is set partially in space.

I meant to write this post right after I received the polish, but maybe 36 hours after it came in the mail I got the e-mail from Less Than Three Press that they were closing. So…

If you, too, would like some sparkles for you fingertips, I don’t mind if you ask for duplicates. Heather said you won’t get exactly the same, but it could be close. Or ask for a custom of your very own. Try the lotion, too. 🙂

Visit the Heather’s Hues website

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