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Leaving Kindle Unlimited

This post is what it says on the tin. I’m pulling everything from Kindle Unlimited.

But why?

I really like libraries. I like seeing LGBT content in libraries. Leaving Kindle Unlimited lets me support that and that makes me happy.

Very few people are reading my books in KU anyway. And that’s okay, but it means them being there isn’t really doing much of anything for anybody anyway.

I want to participate in Kobo Plus because I think monopolies are bad and I’d like to help them create some competition for our Amazon overlords.

And of course Amazon is a hot mess right now. I’m not comfy with all my eggs being in that basket. There’s a lot going on with bots and authors getting flagged for things they shouldn’t and corporate monopoly nonsense.

What does that mean for people who want to read my books?

As the Kindle Unlimited commitments expire, my books will make their way out of KU and into the wide world.

It means you’ll be able to buy them on any platform you want. You’ll also be able to find them on Hoopla just as soon as I can get them on there. (Having some issues. Working on it.) If your local library doesn’t allow access to the awesomeness that is Hoopla, you can request your library purchase them for their regular ebook catalog. (You also may have the option of paying a minimal fee to get a card at a non-local library that does have Hoopla. Especially if you live someplace that is currently…unfriendly. Here’s a list of libraries that allow non-residents to get library cards.) You can find my books on Scribd, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, Apple, etc.

There’s also Kobo Plus! Kobo has recently expanded their subscription service to more countries, including the USA! Since they don’t require exclusivity, I’ll be putting my books in that program as well.

When are books leaving?

Roommates and Space Trees: Today. *winces* Sorry. It was take it out now or wait three months. Waiting three months doesn’t align with the rest of my plans.

So We Meet-Cute Again: April 30

Granola Bars and Spaceships: May 13

Evergreen: June 17

When will books be available on the other platforms?

As soon as possible after they leave KU. I’ll update links on the book pages as that happens.

Here’s a bribe just in case someone is upset about the rest of my books leaving KU.

screenshot from a word document showing a page count of 128 and a word count of 40,523

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