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You’re supposed to post every once in a while when you have a blog. Or so I hear. So hi.

I always think that no one will care about things that aren’t related to my writing, but then I remind myself that I follow Ilona Andrew’s blog and they post about random everyday things all the time. And I enjoy reading it.

So I will introduce you to the pigeon flock.

Now I know a lot people don’t like pigeons, which I kind of get. They make messes and can be a nuisance in urban environments. But really, they’re just doves with bad PR. (Full credit to husband for phrase.) And our local pigeon flock brings me an irrational amount of happiness and I think they’re pretty. (Even though I fully acknowledge they make the sidewalk gross. But the other underpasses are gross too, and they don’t have pigeons. I’ll take gross with pigeons over gross without pigeons.)

Before these guys, I really only saw the traditional grey pigeons with iridescent heads. I did not know that pigeons came in white, black, and every combination in between. I know I grew up in a rural area and Seattle was the only big city I visited for most of my life, but I feel like I should have known about this.

Also, did you know Canada has black squirrels? They’re huge.

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